This Congress will be an interesting experience not only for business people, scientists or local administration activists. Besides panel sessions and discussions, we shall be presented examples of spectacular environment-friendly solutions: electric cars, chemistry-free food, methods to have clean water and to eliminate smog, or the unique bioufuel production method developed in Lodz. It is possible to make money on ecology, indeed, an bioeconomy is an industry with a great potential.

Lodzkie is a leader in the “green revolution” in Poland and it is not a coincidence that the country’s most important Bioeconomy Congress is held namely in Lodz for the sixth time. On Monday, September 24th , several hundred of delegates from Poland, Europe and the world will be attending discussions and visiting exhibitions in Hotel Ambasador Premium, at 145 Kilińskiego Street.

There will be much to see there. Those who are thinking about buying an environment-friendly car, will have an opportunity to test an EV charger. No doubt, the eye-catching shopping bags made of old advertising banners or furniture of recycled wood will be worth noting.

Biotechnika – the Lodz-based company that experienced an unprecedented success in the USA – is definitely worth attention. Americans will build an innovative biorefinery in Grand Forks, North Dacota, based on the technology and design provided by engineers from Łódź. This is the biggest deal in Poland, selling a proprietary renewable energy technology abroad. The Americans are using Polish technology to produce bioethanol (ethyl alcohol used as an additive to motor fuel) and biogas. As process input, waste material from the nearby American Cristal Sugar plant, America’s largest sugar manufacturer, and potato waste from JR Simplot, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of potato fries are used. This solution will be interesting to those entrepreneurs from Lodzkie, who find it so difficult to dispose of agricultural waste now, while they could make additional profit on this.

Communes from Lodzkie will be presenting their achievements – regional products and bio-companies – on their exhibition stands. This will be a chance to taste healthy organic food without any chemical additives and artificial improvers.

Lectures and panel discussions will not be boring, either. The ingenious water-treatment method for ponds and lakes is something to appeal to local administration activists, being an ideal way to turn some neglected water reservoir into a local attraction. The ecohydrological rehabilitation of Arturówek reservoirs has been a spectacular application, for which researchers from the University of Lodz were granted the prestigious “The Best LIFE projects” award.

The scope of topics to be presented is very broad – from strictly specialist issues, to those interesting to everyone. During the Antismog Forum, we shall be presented innovative methods to fight smog, that are used in Warsaw and Krakow. Furthermore, we shall be able to find out whether Poland keeps up with the global sustainable consumption trends and how Homo Vitalis – a human who cares about the life force of the body – is doing in our country. Nearly 20% of the US population practise yoga. In Poland this is in excess of 300,000 people. The number of consumers choosing plant-based diets is close to 1.5 million in Poland, with the eco-food market value reaching PLN 1 billion.  This appears as an interesting prospect for new businesses toady.

During the night Gala on Monday, “The Best Biocommune of the Lodzkie Region” award will be presented. The focus of the competition is to promote environment protection, green technologies and projects improving the quality of life. The communes of Rzgów and Rząśnia were the last year winners.

The Bioeconomy Congress attendance is free of charge. Online registration is still available ( It is also the place to cast one’s vote for the best Biocommune. An exceptional prize is awaiting the voters: a bio-cup made from… used coffee grounds.

The Project is co-funded by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund and the Łodzkie Region budget. We are changing Lodzkie with European Funds.