Eco-art-music-and-movement and Experimentatorium

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Eco-art-music-and-movement workshops represent classes for children whose most important goal is to emphasize the importance of shaping ecological attitudes commencing from an early age. During the workshops, we will be able to admire the performance of pre-schoolers calling to contemplate over the condition of our planet. During the whole Congress, in the lobby of the hotel one shall be able to marvel the amazing exhibition of artistic and technical works under the slogan “Kubusiowe SOS for the Earth”, performed by the youngest. Unique pictures are made with the utilization of the primary recyclable materials. The workshop will feature the performance of pre-schoolers who sing the slogan “The whole world is within our hands”, emphasizing that from an early age we can protect our planet. Moreover, as part of the event, an “Experimentatorium” will be organized for children. Participants will be able to produce fermented food products (curdled milk, plant silage), and learn the basics of organoleptic assessment.

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